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Open research platform using cryptocurrency for fair and transparent compensation.

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Patientory wants to foster a closer relationship between doctor and patient through tools inspired by social media.LAT tokenizes and makes tradable fractions of assets ranging from real estate and loans to artworks.A decentralized escrow marketplace for investors of projects wanting to control their invested funds.Cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the.Auction protocol for claiming, then auctioning domain names in a variety of languages and countries.

Cryptocurrency derivatives could add significant value for both exchanges and traders.Digital Reproductions of artworks originally created by Yves Klein.

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We are creating an ethical ad network that will charge advertisers low flat fees and pay out content creators a lot more than is usual.A peer to peer personal loan auction platform built on the Ethereum network.

Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure.

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An Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain, built on top of a natural language processing technology.An incentivized network built on Sawtooth for participants of the pharmaceutical supply chain to share and exchange data.Cryptocurrency is just one area of the broader category of blockchain.A decentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem.AIRA (Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent) is a protocol for human-bot and bot-bot communication on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Blockchain-based banking project with a declared mission to make core banking services free, while delivering a full suite of low-priced financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies.

A live and revenue-generating app that enables mass market customers to buy and sell gold-backed ERC20 tokens.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest - Do you want to invest some money in Cryptocurrency but now know which is most secure,.A blockchain platform for issuing, trading, and managing both public and private equity.Fizcal brings accounting to the blockchain using Triple Entry Accounting.

The Filecoin network will operate as a decentralized, open marketplace for storage services.Decentralized platform for providing logistics processes, transportation and acceleration of cargo transportation.A network that will link creative, independent filmmakers with consumers.A smart contract architecture that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary startups tokens market place.A Lisk-forked cryptocurrency that will support cross blockchain communication.A cryptocurrency exchange platform with social trading features and analytic tools.Digital tokens backed by specific real estate, with individual tokens linked to unique properties.Portable identity management on a new blockchain to be used in trade, eSignitures, and ID verification.

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A crypto payment system with a native low volatility cryptocurrency.

A payment platform built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled token and incentive based inflation rewards.

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A platform that utilizes Blockchain technology and is equipped with tools devised for disabled users, instruments for organizational marketing, and its own Marketplace Union-Market.FundCoin (FND) is a blockchain-based private equity type project.Lykke is a crypto-asset exchange platform built on top of the Bitcoin record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.Adshares network is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.